Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tweet Tweet!!

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Sun is shining, bees are buzzzing, and the birds are singing. Felix particularly likes the birds. He sits in the window and stares at them while making that clicking sound that uses during the hunt. :) In honor of spring I made some fantastic bird cards, and it was a perfect opportunity to make some birthday cards for friends whose birthdays fall in February and March. I started with these papers from the Birdwatching series by Recollections.
Wings Leaves
Birds of a Feather I cut apart the paper and merged them into these cards! These first two are presents for friends. This "Dance" card is for my dear friend Karene who is a fantastic dancer in her own right. We celebrated her birthday with a day in Santa Cruz, and a couple days later with a turtle cake!!
This card was for my friend Joanna's birthday back in February. We had a fantastic lunch all together to celebrate.
The rest of these are for sale on
Laughing Blue Bird
Singing Green Bird
Dark Blue Bird Birthday Card
Kissing Birds Love Card
Free Bird Any Occasion Card
Chirping Bird Birthday Card
Talking Bird Birthday Card
Birthday Blue Bird
Orange Bird Birthday Card
Leafy Hello Card
Leafy Blue Bird Birthday Card
Blue Birds Laugh
Dancing Love Birds
Birthday Birds
I had a blast making these cards. This was the first time I had in a long time to sit and make a bunch of cards. It was really nice, and taking the pictures was so much fun.
Cat Corner

"Bird! Bird!" -Oscar and Felix "Is that another cat?"-Stilts

Have a great day and keep crafting!

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