Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crafter of the Month - Mommy Makes

It's back!! This months etsy crafter is Katie from Mommy Makes.
Katie is a stay at home mom (like me!) in Kansas who takes some amazing photos! She really started working with photographs in college, but it fell by the way side after graduation. (I did the same thing with many of my passions.) After she became a mom she picked up her camera again, and I for one am so glad she did.
Today I wanted focus on the craft pictures shes taken, but I really suggest you all take a look at her shop. She has some amazing landscape photos, and still life photos.
All of these would be wonderful craft room decorations. This first one is for my fellow paper crafters.
This shot is so cool! I love how the pencils stand out against the white, and I especially love the light blue pencil standing strait up. Beautifully done. This next one I love even more though.
The close up is so amazing. I especially love that the pencils are off-center. These colors would be so inspiring in a light craft room. I can just see myself staring at while trying to figure out what color paper to use...
Next up- are some for our artist friends.
I love that the paintbrushes all have different colors too. It's a great mix of color and shapes.
Of course with paint brushes you need... paint!!
The sunlit window goes beautifully with the water colors. Again, I love that it's perfectly off center, and the colors are amazing! Katie stated she wanted the viewer to feel "calm and happiness." Goal accomplished!
Here is yet another beautiful picture of water colors.
I love closeups. I think this would go wonderfully as a pair with the previous one. Katie mentioned this reminds her of spring, and I agree. The colors make me think of painting Easter Eggs.
Next: Pastels!
The focus on this is so cool. Again, the colors are so bright, and goes beautifully with the white.
Switching our focus now to all our crafty friends who sew!
My friend is a quilter, and I could totally see this rainbow going above her sewing machine. It continues the theme so far of bright colors on a white backdrop, and would make any room feel so bright! But wait, there's more...
My sister is a seamstress, with a flair for vintage, and cool color combos. (Say that three times fast.) This next picture made me think of her instantly.
I love how the pins form a pattern on the dress form, and the color of the pin cushion is fantastic! The pink, grey and turquoise thred underneath are the perfect compliment. This would be perfect in any seamstress' studio. It also comes in black and white. Intrestingly, my focus shifts to the tape measure in the black and white photo. Also, check out the reflection in the glass table. So cool! Katie said she used some of her mother's supplies from the 70's and 80's. I truly love it.
I am so impressed by these photographs. I plan on purchasing most of them for my craft room as soon as we get it set up.
Before I sign off for today, I want to stress that there are a TON of amazing photographs on this site. I highly suggest you check out the rest of them. Here is one that I really liked (I couldn't pick a favorite.)

Absolutly gorgeous. To buy any of these beautiful works of art, just click on the picture, and it should take you to her site. (if it doesn't please let me know.)

Prints are available in multiple sizes if you request it. She is very accomadating. You also have the choice of matte or glossy finishes. Another thing that I love!!

She also has a blog : It will be added to my blog list as soon as I put one up. :) There is also a twitter and facebook account listed on her profile.

Until then...

Have a great day, and keep crafting!

Note (4/7/11): Soon all prints will be be printed in lustre unless glossy is requested.

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