Cathy and the Cats

Who are we? Find out here!

Cathy (ME!)

I am a former single mom now turned housewife, who loves to do any kind of paper crafts I can! I also love gardening (though I’m rather new at it) music, reading, and once in a blue moon I get up on stage and do some community theatre. I started my card business March 2010, with the intent of just throwing things up there for fun. Lately I’ve started expnading my own crafting, and want to start trying craft fairs. I am so excited to be blogging about my crafting and my family!

Rumplestiltskin (Stilts):

Our oldest cat, Stilts is 2 years old. He is very mild mannered, sweet, affectionate, and sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat. In the fairy tale, Rumplestiltskin keeps his name secret, so after a week of tying unsuccessfully trying to name him, it seemed fitting. Stilts found my husband, Tony, at the golf course that he works at. Stilts was 8 weeks old, and had a nasty cold. He was super friendly right away, and followed Tony around all day, patiently waiting outside if Tony went in the shop. After a couple picture texts, I said the infamous words “At least bring him home so we can take him to the vet.” We loved him instantly and he never left our home.

Felix is less than a year old. Again, he was found on my husband’s golf course, with his brother Oscar (both named after the Odd Couple.) This time they were found out on the course, July 5th having crawled out of the box and into the fairway, soaking wet from the sprinklers. Felix is strong, LOVES his food, and totally worships Stilts. He follows the older cat around, mimics him, and often throws himself down in front of Stilts asking for a bath. He's also affectionate, but doesn't like to cuddle as much as the other two. He's very fond of what I call drive by cuddles.  Every so often though, he'll curl up on my neck and go to sleep.


My wonderful husband of a year and a half who not only loves and supports me, but never complains when we have to eat on TV trays because the dining table is covered in craft supplies, or when we have to eat out, because I was so absorbed in my project I forgot I was cooking that night. (It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened. J) Tony is also the one responsible for saving all three cats, and we love him for it! He enjoys sports, reading, theatre (it’s how we met), music and is obsessed with sharks. He has also started a podcast called Zombie vs. Shark which I will plug every once in while, even though it has nothing to do with crafts. All's fair in love. :)


My beautiful 8 year old daughter. She is very busy doing gymnastics, dance, tumbling and girl scouts. She is currently in 3rd grade and loves school. She is also very proud of the fact that she is “crafty” like her mom!! I plan to include projects she and I have done together as well as my projects.

Other Cats in the Clan


Oscar had an infection in both his eyes when we found him. He was completely blind. Since then, he has regained the vision in his right eye, and has a little in his left. He is EXTREMELY affectionate, and can be a bit aggressive when he wants attention. While the other two cats are bright, Oscar is very intelligent, and keeps us busy. He is always very helpful at the craft table. Some of our close friends, Jaye and Karene were also looking to adopt when we found Oscar and Felix, so plan was always that one cat would go live with them. (The four of us spent a lot of time decided names together) We were hesitant to split the brothers up though, especially since Oscar was so dependent on his sighted brother. Oscar regained most of the sight in one eye, and a little in the other and became very independent. He moved to live with his new family in October 2010. Since then he has visited his brother and Stilts pleanty of times. We always love having him around. (Updated pictures coming soon)


After Oscar went to live with Jaye and Karene they found another kitten. They named her Emmy (since they already had an Oscar. Hehehe) She is an extremely energetic cat, and so adorable. Her nickname is the Kraken. She will go totally crazy for 20 minutes, and jump, run and attack anything she can find. Then she's calm again. She and Oscar get along really well, and have a blast whenever they visit!


Inkee family includes Wraith and Zain, two of Virginia's best friends from school. She and Emmy look a lot alike, to the point where they could be sisters if we didn't know better. She and Stilts were instant friends from the moment they met, but she still isn't sure about the smaller cats. She helps her mom with sewing and crafting as well.