Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birds and Flowers

Yay!! We've finished with all the older make-up cards, now on to the new ones. First up is Day 26-ABC's of Crafting: STW
S: Stiching
T: Toile
W: White
I'm afraid I couldn't find any toile, so I used some paper strips instead. I also really, really hate actually stitching paper, (the process, not the result) so I used a digital stamp from Heartsong that had stitching on it. The Polka Dot paper is from Recollections, and the stamp by Stampendous.
Next is Day 27 which is another sketch. And here is my result! The picture is a little fuzzy, but I drew in balloons instead of my normal polka dots. Going for something new. :) Stay tuned for more. Have a great day and keep crafting!

Still more catch-up

Still catching up on cards I missed before, though I'm almost done with the ones that came before I started the challenge. Then it's just to the ones that I've missed out on after getting sick. :)
This first one is from Day 11- Repurposed paper
The challenge was to take paper from one holiday and use it for something else. I took some old halloween paper, and turned it into this!
I'm very much in a spring mood lately. :)
This next one is also springy. It is for Day 12- Keep it simple.
The challenge is to use patterned paper, one sentiment, and one embellishment. I added a ribbon, it was really needed. Here is the result!

This card is actually tiny. It was fun to work with a different size for once. Both of these used flowers by Colorbok. The sticker on #2 is also by colorbok. The stamp on #1 is from Stampendous.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more catch-up cards!

Have a great day and keep crafting!

Back to the 80's!

The challenge for Day 9 was to pick a decade and have fun!! I picked the 1980's, with this great video game card that I made for Tony for his birthday.
I found this paper (and decals) in a pad called The Generation Tech Stack by DCWV. You'll probably notice a lot of it in the 32 Geeky Gifts book I made for his birthday as well. I am so excited with the paper, and completely love this card.
Here are some more I made with the pack. This one was for Day 25. This challenge was part of the alphabet challenges, PQR.
P - Polka Dot
Q - Quilting
R - Red
I used a Pin Wheel Quilting pattern, and threw a power up decal in the center to give the whole thing a video game twist.
That's it on the video games for now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring in Bloom

Last one for today. Day 8's challenge is to create an arch card. This was something I had never done before, and it took me several cards to get the shape right, but the result was perfect. The blank card (precut) was by Recollections. The paper and stickers are all by Colorbok. I love this paper, and can't wait to more with it. I'm also really feeling the purple and orange combo after I put it together for the Pick 5 challenge. Since then I also used it on the Fierce card. Fun! Have a great day, and keep crafting!

Fierce Kitty

Day 7's challenge is a crack up. It is inspired by the word "fierce". I had a great time making the card, and then I ended up with the perfect picture.

Such a blast!! Felix curled up, and posed so perfectly!!!

Have a great day and keep crafting!!

Gears and Flowers

Skipping around a bit for this one, I thought I would show off two more cards with my newsprint flowers and tissue tape. These also fufill two challenges, though not consecutive ones. But, I thought, who cares!! :-) So here we go!!!
The first challenge is for Day 6, which was a sketch. Here is the sketch.
I used more of the tissue tape by Jim Holtz. The gears are also by Jim Holtz. This style started as an attempt at steampunk, and though it turned out to not quite be steampunk, I loved the result.
It was a lot of fun to make. This next one is for Day 10. The challenge was to mimic a trend that you are seeing online or in magazines. I made a second attempt at Steampunk, and this time it came out much better. I loved it!

I used alll the same materials as the last one, but this time I added some distressing by Jim Holtz. I really liked the result.

Have a great day, and keep crafting!

Summer Meets Winter

I admit this is not one of my favorite cards. The challenge was fun though. The card just didn't quite come out the way I envisioned it. The theme is winter meets summer. The stickers are by K and Co. I made the snowmen out of white paper. The rest was just card stock on a blank card by Recollections. Have a great day, and keep crafting!

Techno Cards

More cards from my Generation Tech Stack! And of course, they fufill a couple challenges. :-)
This first one is inspired by Virginia's obsession over getting a new cell phone. She's started using mine to text her dad and some of her friends. Here is the challenge for Day 28: You Inspire Me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I realized that if I try to do one post for every make up card, I am going to completely flud the blog in the next couple days. So I decided to break with tradition, and give you two or three per post. Hopefully that will keep the blog a tad cleaner. First off- Day 3.
This challenge for day three was a lot of fun. It required using fabric as a tool. I scrunched up a piece and and dipped it in ink for the background on the card. I used a distressing ink, which is quickly becoming one of my new favorite mediums. I also found some newsprint flowers, and this cool tissue tape that you will be seeing a lot of as I play with it.
The distressing ink is by Jim Holtz, as was the Tissue Tape. The card and flower are by Recollections, and the birthday stamp is by Stampendous. Now, on to day 4!! Day four's challenge required using the phrase "One of a kind". I got lucky and found a sticker that had that phrase, and that inspired the rest of the card. The flowers and sticker are by Colorbok, and the ribbon by Martha Stewart. The blank card inside is by Recollections. I am really happy with how this one came out. I admit it's one of my favorites. :) Ok, that's it for today. Have a great day, and keep crafting!

Day 2- Pick 5

Day 2 challenge was to have one of each of these 5 elements: 1. Favorite color (Purple) 2. Favorite design technique (Stamp) 3. Favorite embellie (Bee) 4. Least favorite color (Orange) 5. Favorite card size (dimensions) (5.5x6) I love using bees, because they are my moms favorite. This was a practice for her birthday.

The card, as always is by Reflections, the bee a download(or digital stamp) from Heartsong, the Thank You stamp is by Stampendous. I'm afraid I lost track of who created the orange paper, I will post that as soon as I find it. :)

Have a great day, and keep crafting!

Make Up Cards

Hi all!!! After an illness, and starting a new job my schedule lately has been a bit crazy. But I have put in some time to catch up on cards, and am close to being back on track. :) The next couple days I'll be putting up a ton of posts of all the 365 cards I can. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sick sick sick.

I had a wonderful weekend in tahoe, only to come home with a horrible cold. It seriously knocked me on my butt for pretty much the whole week. Today I'm feeling better, but still not really moving along. I hopefully will post todays challenge later, but for now I figured I would post a couple of my "catch-up" cards.
This was a white space challenge. (Going all the way back to day 1.) Here is the picture they gave.
The black space is where you put your design, the white you leave blank. Here is the card I came up with.

I may add some distressing later before I post it. I'm not sure yet. The flowers are Boutique Fleur by Recollections. The blank card is also Recollections. The tissue tape is by Jim Holtz.The key by K&Company. The hello stamp is by Stampendous.

That's it for now! Have a great day, and keep crafting!