Thursday, May 5, 2011


I've been getting a little swamped trying to catch up with all the cards I missed. I decided instead to take the route I did when I started this challenge, and post each days challenge as they come, and do the catch-up cards when I have extra time. So, on that note: here is todays challenge! Ok, well its actually yesterdays challenge, but todays wasn't posted yet when I sat to this. This challenge was to somehow use a mythical creature. I bought a dictionary recently that had been published in the 40's. I finally got to use it! I found several pages that had creatures that I thought would be cool, but when I found the unicorn one I got really excited. The picture was too perfect! The printed ribbon on the side is made by Jim Holtz and the believe quote is a sticker made by dcwv. I was very happy with this card!

(Foot note- 5/9/11) This was also Mothers Day card for my mom, who loved unicorns while we were growing up, and who fueled my belief in faieries, trollls, goblins, Santa Claus, unicorns, princesses, and happily ever after. Thanks Mom!

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