Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello all! I found out this weekend that two of my friends had babies! One, (who lives in France,) had a beautiful baby boy, her first child. The other, a healthy baby girl, whose big brother was thrilled to see him. Since I have babies on the brain, I thought I would feature two of my baby cards that are already in my shop. Check them out!

Great for new parents! Black and white card has quote "There is no measure greater than this: the joy that came from a child's happiness." Card is blank inside. Every Star Baby Card

Beautiful hand crafted card for that special baby! Has the quote: "On the night you were born, every star, in every sky, Shone down in jealousy, at the twinkle in your eye." -Craig Castle Card is blank inside, so you can add your personal touch!

Cat Corner

Oscar is visiting!! Emmy was fixed and had to be isolated for 5 days, so Oscar came to stay with us. They all had a great time.

"Ok guys, Sit Stand Lean. Best game in the world. Let's go. Guys? Guys? Come on, it's a stupid bird. Play with me!"

- Stilts

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