Monday, January 24, 2011

Crafter of the Month - Sypria

Good morning everyone! I have had my coffee, (working on cup number 2) and am ready to dive back into the blog. Today I want to start a new segment Featured Crafter of the Month. I do a lot of shopping at craft fairs, and a lot more on For those who don’t know, etsy is a site specifically designed for crafters and people selling vintage treasures. It’s a fantastic site, that makes it affordable for crafters like me to sell their art, beyond going to the craft fair. It also provides a community for crafters, which I have been very thankful for. So, without further adieu… our crafter of the month!! Crafter: Sypria ( Tara of Sypria actually has several shops, which are listed on her profile. I looked through them, and I really suggest you all do the same. All of her products are adorable, and she has some really great ideas. Today though, I am focusing on the shop I first found; (listed above). I featured one of Sypria’s designs earlier this week, the popcorn earrings. I had run across her products before, and always liked what I saw. So, I decided to take a closer look at her shop. Tara lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a fellow cat lover. (Yay!) Her talents range from plastic to felt to recycled pieces. She has a huge range of things to buy, which really impressed me. It isn’t common to see someone make jewelery and wall art.

Ready to explore her shop? Let’s go! Let’s start with felt. Felt Sushi Bracelet
This bracelet cracks me up, and is the perfect accessory next time you head out for sushi. The felt is also made from recycled plastic. Very green. Very cute. Crab, Avocado and Tempura Sushi Felt Roll Pin
To match your bracelet. :) Peaches and Pink Cream Swirling Vortex Felt Brooch
Remember the days when ladies wore those dead flower broaches? (Which might be coming back in.) This modern twist is just as classy, very green, and way cuter than the giant flowers. Plus no one will have the urge to pick dead petals off your dress. :) Next I want to show a couple of my favorite necklaces. There were too many to fit into one blog (I’ll probably go long on this anyway) so I picked these favorites. Chocolate Frosting Bavarian Donut Necklace
Cute and yummy! Pink Icing Chocolate Donut Necklace
And you can get it in pink! Teacup and Saucer Necklace
I LOOOOOOVVVVE Tea. Getting to wear a necklace that has a cup on it-so much fun! There are also rings that match. And the final necklace… sushi. Shrimp Ebi Sushi Necklace
To complete your sushi ensemble. You are now the sushi queen! It sounds like I’m joking I know, and I am having fun with this but I really would wear something like that. Nothing says fun like coordinating jewelery. If you aren’t into coordinating jewelery, (or if I’m getting carried away,) just one of these pieces would be subtle, and adorable. Before I move onto earrings, which is my FAVORITE kind of jewelery, I want to show you some other kinds of creations Sypria has. Blue LP Record Ring I miss records. I love anything that involves them. Pink Glitter Punk Rock Ring
How much fun are these?! Sparkle!! Set of 4 Birthday Celebration Hair Bobby Pins
A super cute way to celebrate your birthday. It’s also a great gift for a friends birthday. Cute, subtle, and a great present. Crafty Wooden Scissors Wall Art I may actually buy these for will be my new craft room, so I suggest you all hurry up and get them before me. What better way to express your craftiness then with 3D art? I really love this. The best part? They really move! And now, my favorite part- earrings!!! Hot Pink Pez Candy Cute Earrings
These pez earrings were almost featured on another post, so I thought I would start with these. It was always so much fun to eat from a pez dispenser. These earrings are a great call back to that part of my childhood. Black Musical Notes Earrings
I was heavily involved in music all through school, and still continue be as involved as I can with everything else going on. :) These music notes are great subtle touch to any outfit. Juicy Watermelon Earrings
Perfect for a summer day! Purple Zipper Pull Stud Earrings
These crack me up! Guaranteed to get a double take. Honey Bee Earrings
My mom, who inspired my love of earrings, collects bees, so I was immediatly drawn to these. Way cute.
Elegant Brass Owl Dangle Earrings I wanted to include these earrings to show some of Sypria’s different styles. As fun and cutesy as the others are, these earrings are just as sleek and elegant. Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer Sports Earrings Need something small to go with your jersey as you cheer on your favorite teem? Whether it’s the NFL, or tee-ball, these studs have you covered! Last but certanly not least. Upcycled Recycled Soda Pop Tab Earrings These funky upcycled earrings are so much fun. Plus they’re in my wedding colors! :) These are only a handful of the earrings. There are so many that are just fantastic, it’s hard to choose. To help with that, Sypria offers a monthly subscription for 6, 12, or 18 months.
I have really enjoyed looking through this shop, and all the other shops by Sypria. I encourage you all to really take a look through her items. Enjoy! Have a great day, and keep crafting!

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